Monday, 17 October 2016

What to Expect from your Newborn Session at Victoria J Photography.

So you're beautiful bundle of joy is here, you're world has been transformed and you can't stop staring at their tiny features. As a mum to a beautiful almost 2 year old I have seen first hand just how quickly babies change. They will only be this tiny once and before you know it they will be laughing, talking, crawling, even walking and the newborn images you have will be treasured forever.

You have done your research and found a photographer to capture your precious newborn. But what happens during these shoots? Hopefully this blog will answer any questions you may have about a newborn session with me.

I have recently lauched my business as a newborn and maternity photographer and I absolutely love it! Capturing newborns' tiny feautues, those sweet, curly poses and having a good cuddle really does make this job the best in the world! Newborn Photography is a beautiful art but it also comes with responsibility; you can rest assured that your little one is in safe hands at Victoria J Photography. I have completed training in newborn posing and newborn safety with some top newborn photographers and spent quality time building my portfolio before fully launching my business. I am also a member of BANPAs- Baby and Newborn Photographers Association who offer a wide range of excellent safety advice.

I work from my home studio in Bayston Hill Shrewsbury. After having a baby the last thing you want to be doing is running around sorting out the house before I turn up. So instead, I welcome you into my cosy, comfortable home studio where you can relax with a cup of tea whilst I photograph your baby

How should we prepare for a newborn shoot?

I won't give you a huge list of do's and dont's to follow in preparation for your shoot, I think it's more important to follow baby's signs and signals. All I ask is that baby is in a front fastened baby grow so that it is easy to undress them without disrupting them before the shoot. 

Do we need bring anything with us to the shoot?

Most of what you could need, you can find in my home studio. You will, however, need to bring plenty of bottles (if baby is bottle fed) and a change of clothes in case of any accidents (for both you and your little one). If your little one uses a dummy, this can be useful during the sessions too. If you have any sentimental items that you would like to be photographed with your baby then feel free to bring them along and I will do my best to get them into some beautiful images for you.

How long will the newborn session take?

Newborn sessions can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. Some newborns will fall asleep immediately, others may take an hour or two before we can get those squishy, sleepy, curly poses. There is never any rush though as I only book one newborn session per day. It takes as long as it takes to produce a good selection of images for you. 

What happens at the shoot?

When you arrive at my home studio, I let you get settled and feed baby, if they need it, whilst I get you a drink. I'll then get baby undressed and wrapped in a blanket before settling them to sleep. Once they are fast asleep, I will start posing them and capturing some beautiful images for you. Of course, during this time it is likely baby will need feeding, winding, settling or even just a cuddle with mummy or daddy so plenty of time is put aside for this. 

We'll use a selection of backdrops, chosen by you and a range of poses and close ups to give you a lovely selection of images to view after your shoot. I may also ask you to get involved to support a pose or be in the photo yourselves.

Once newborn photos are complete, we can capture any other images you would like- sibling or parent images.


What if my baby doesn't sleep?

If after trying to settle your newborn for a while, they just do not want to go to sleep I will try wrapping baby. This allows them to feel nice and secure whilst keeping their little legs and arms in place. A lot of babies will fall asleep like this, but if not there are plenty of awake shots that we can get too. If, for whatever reason, baby does not settle during the session, it is down to the discretion of Victoria J Photography to offer a reshoot.



What if my baby has an accident on the blankets?

Accidents happen in 99% of my newborn shoots and its absolutely fine! I have plenty of blankets to use and plenty of outfits. Everything gets washed after a session regardless so please don't worry if your little one has an accident. 

What happens after the shoot?

Images take up to two weeks to fully edit. Once your images are ready they will uploaded to your own password protected online gallery on my website. This gallery will be live for 2 weeks in which time you can place your order.

If you have any more questions about sessions with Victoria J Photography or if you like my work and would like to enquire about a session please get in contact

or use the contact me tab on my website